Economic analysis of HIV/AIDS control among injecting drug users (IDUs) in Bandung

The project is part of a larger program entitled “Prevention, control and treatment of HIV/AIDS among intravenous drug users in West Java, Indonesia”. The project is initaited by the PRIOR (Poverty-Related Infection-Oriented Research) program from UMCN, is funded by the European Union, and lasts from 2006-2010. The program aims to improve the control of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Bandung, West Java, by targeting the main risk group, intravenous drug users.

As an integral part of the project, an economic analysis will be carried out of the various elements of the prevention, control and treatment efforts. This includes cost-effectiveness analysis, as well as analyses on the costs and budget impact of scaling up interventions.
Collaborating partners are PRIOR at UMCN and Padjadjaran University Bandung in Indonesia.

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