Arturo Quizhpe Peralta

External PhD researcher

Arturo Quizhpe Peralta is external PhD student at NICHE, with promotors  Prof Koos van der Velden, Prof Jos van der Meer and as co-promotor Dr Françoise Barten
In the past years, I have been involved as director and principal researcher in several research projects related to Child Health in the Department of Paediatrics of the University of Cuenca, Ecuador as well as in the Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso. Dietetic treatment in malnourished children under two years old; dietetic treatment in acute and chronic diarrhoea; traditional andean games and its influence in children development; are some of the studies that were done. Some teaching guides, books and papers were published basically in Spanish. Also knowledge translation was enhanced by engagement of children, youth – health professionals, the university and community-based organizations.

Since 2007, I am conducting the Research, Teaching and Training Program, ReAct Latin America hosted by the Faculty of Medical Sciences in the University of Cuenca, Ecuador. The Research Plan includes: a. The role of social determinants in antibiotic use in Latin America – the consumer perspective; b. Perceptions, attitudes and practise among community leaders in rural areas of Ecuador regarding the use of antibiotics c. Knowledge, attitudes and practice regarding antibiotic use among general practitioners in primary health care centres in Ecuador. d. The perceptions of acute respiratory infections and antibiotic use, among care givers of children under five in relation to their socioeconomic status e. How adequate is the use of antibiotics in primary health centres in Ecuador in the case of acute respiratory infections in children under five years of age? f. ESBL-carriers in a neonatal intensive care unit at a tertiary hospital in Ecuador. Finally, knowledge translation will contribute to an intervention: updated training programme for health professionals.