Office location
Our office is located at Geert Grooteplein Noord 21, at the Medical Faculty of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Once you are in the building follow route 133 to our office. 
Location of Radboud University in city of Nijmegen
Map of the Radboud University Campus
Location of our office building

Closest airports to Nijmegen are: Schiphol Airport, located in Amsterdam or Weeze Airport, just across the border in Germany. From Schiphol you can travel by train to Nijmegen. Coming from Weeze you can find information on shuttle busses to Nijmegen here.

The Dutch Railway (called NS) webpage provides detailed information on train schedules and ticket prices. You can travel from Schiphol train station to 'Nijmegen Central' or to 'Nijmegen Heyendaal' train station. From Nijmegen Heyendaal you can walk to our office, see map, from the central station you can take a bus. 

From Nijmegen Central train station there is a shuttle bus (called 'Heyendaal shuttle') every 10 minutes to the Radboud University. To reach our office at Geert Grooteplein Noord 21 you should get off at bus stop ‘Universiteit Oostzijde’ located at the street Heyendaalseweg. This map shows the route from busstop 'Universiteit Oostzijde' to our office. To pay a bus ticket you should buy a so called "Strippenkaart" at one of the KIOSK food stalls at the central station. Or use an OV-chipcard.


At the central train station you can rent bikes.



  • Hotel Rozenhof (near to the Univesity) Nijmeegsebaan 114, 6564 CK, Heilig Landstichting, phone: +31 24 3230359, e-mail:, website
  • Hotel Courage Sionshof (near to the Univsersity), Nijmeegsebaan 53, 6564 CC Heilig Landstichting; phone: +31 24 3227727, e-mail:, website
  • Mercure hotel (next to the railway station), Stationsplein 29, 6512 AB, Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3238888, e-mail:, website 
  • Apollo Hotel (in the center of Nijmegen), Bisshop Hamerstraat 14, 6511 NB, Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3223594, e-mail:
  • Landgoed Holthurnsche Hof, Zevenheuvelenweg 48a, 6571 CK, Berg en Dal, phone +31 24 6841744, e-mail:, website

Bed & Breakfast:
Most of the B&Bs cost about 30 euro per person per night with breakfast included. It might be convenient to rent a bike at the central station, to travel from the break & breakfast to the university.  
  • Wilhelmina bed and breakfast, Wilhelminasingel 36, 6524 AN Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3233687, website 
  • Bed & Breakfast A Capella; Groesbeekseweg 184, 6521 CR Nijmegen. Phone. +31 24 3230282, email:
  • De Herbergierster; Groesbeekseweg 134, 6524 DM Nijmegen. Phone. +31 24 3220922
  • La Residence; Burghardt. van de Berghtstraat. 50, 6512 DN Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3220378, email:
  • Bed & Breakfast Pollux; Biezenstraat 7-9, 6541 ZN Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3787426 or  +31 6 36165834, website
  • Bed & Breakfast Degener; De Wellenkamp 15-40, 6545 NN Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3770889
  • Bed & Breakfast Mariënbos; Groesbeekseweg 460, 6523 PS Nijmegen, +31 24 3234012
  • Bed & Breakfast St. Anna; St. Annastraat 208, 6525 GX Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3501808
  • Mrs. G.M. Wennekes; Nimrodstraat 119, 6531 LE Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3554391
  • Pension Mesdag; Mesdagstraat 45, 6521 MN, Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 360420
  • De Gastenkamer; St. Annastraat 303, 6525 GV, Nijmegen, phone: +31 24 3562459

You will find more information about accommodation and Nijmegen city at the website of Nijmegen Tourist Information Center, called 'VVV Nijmegen'. 


Lunch and Dinner
Lunch is available and in the cafetaria of the science faculty for approximately 3 euro for bread and soup etc. The Hospital has a nice cantine where they offer lunch and dinner for about 6 euro for guests. De Refter (main cantine at Radboud University campus) offers warms meal for 5.50 euro. Please see here for further information and the menu.

If you need more information about your visit to Nijmegen, please contact our secretariat