NICHE publishes in Lancet

23 MAY 2011

Professor Koos van der Velden (NICHE) co-authors the Lancet article: Public health: profession, health system, govermental control. 

Van Weel C, Roberts R, De Maeseneer J, van der Velden K. Public health: profession, health system, govermental control. Lancet. 2011 Feb 25.

Public health efforts are essential for the health of populations. Individuals' lifestyles and their environment pose various health threats, including obesity, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, and injuries. Prevention at a population level is often a more effective strategy than relying solely on individual treatment and cure. The impact of public health programmes on the decline of premature mortality is of a magnitude similar to the effect of individual health-care services, at far less cost.1 Yet, it is the interaction between public health and individual health-care services that determines ultimate population health, especially in ageing populations burdened by chronic diseases (…)

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