Rob Baltussen speaks at plenary session ISPOR

05 NOVEMBER 2013

Rob Baltussen speaks on November 6 at the plenary session of the ISPOR conference in Dublin.

Although economic evaluation is now well-established as part of the reimbursement process for new technologies in many European countries, concerns are sometimes raised that the measures of economic benefit commonly used (such as the QALY) are too narrow, or that the findings from economic evaluation should be considered alongside other factors in a deliberative decision-making process. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is a formal method for considering several factors, or domains, when reaching a decision. During this plenary session, the use of MCDA versus cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) in health care coverage decisions will be debated. Each speaker will present a position on the use of MCDA in health care coverage decisions. Then the speakers will respond to each other’s position in a debate format followed by audience participation.

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