Rik Viergever in Nature

01 NOVEMBER 2013

Medical research: Analyse impact of health priorities
Roderik F. Viergever
Nature.  Volume: 502, Page: 171 (10 October 2013)

There is a dearth of evidence for the assumed beneficial effects of involving patients and the public in health-research decisions (S. Petit-Zeman and L. Locock Nature 501, 160–161; 2013). This is just one example of the general difficulty of measuring the impact of setting health-research priorities.

These priorities are decided by researchers and policy-makers to stimulate urgent research (see, for example, The guidelines for evaluating such priority-setting processes (R. F. Viergever et al. Health Res. Policy Sys. 8, 36; 2010) need to be extended to cover impact measurement and analysis.

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